Eeman BioCircuits

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Eeman circuitry is a simple but universal principle: by externally linking certain of the body’s energy centers, the flow and balance of the natural energy is enhanced.
The Eeman Circuit can promote deep physical relaxation and refreshment. They can facilitate trance-like states, sensitivity to life energy, gently and safely. Harmonization of the flow of life energy, in and around the body, can relieve tension and bodily stress.
Your Eeman Circuit can be used as a tool for meditative exploration, personal growth and inner work of almost any kind

When to Use Your Eeman Circuit
? After work, to relieve work day stress
? Before bed, to relax for sleep
? For catnaps during the day, to improve productivity
? After plane flights, long car rides or for travel fatigue
? After working at computers or other electronic equipment, to rebalance the body’s energy
? When stressed-out or sick, to strengthen the body’s bioenergy
? For children, to help calm hyper-energy
? Before meditating, to speed up the process
? On a regular basis as part of a personal overall health assurance maintenance program

How to Use Your Eeman Circuit
Set up in a place where you can fully relax and “let go” for up to 30 minutes i.e. switch off phones and external noises etc.
When you begin it is useful to set aside your thoughts and worries since you won’t be needing them for the next 30 minutes or so. Please consciously set aside your thoughts, worries, concerns, anticipations, daydreams, anxieties now. You can have them back when you are through.

Your Eeman Circuit consists of six separate screens, each attached by a length of wire.Two have a longer wire to be used between your hands and feet,

the third is to be used between your head and base of spine.

? Use the screens on a comfortable surface such as carpet or bed so that one screen rests under your neck and the other under the base of your spine.

? Lie down on your back over the screens and cross your left ankle over the right. This helps to complete the body’s circuit.
? Place your right hand on the copper screen that is attached to the copper screen at the base of your spine, and place your left hand on the copper screen that is connected to the screen under your neck.


? Important: DO NOT REVERSE THIS POSITION. If you reverse it, you will create a “tension” circuit.

? Close your eyes and relax for 20-30 minutes. The key to any Eeman Circuit session is the user’s ability to relax.
? Use Eeman Circuits once or twice a day.

The Symmetrical Circuit
This is a whole-body circuit that perfectly balances the body left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Use it when you want to maintain conscious awareness.

? Use the screens on a comfortable surface such as carpet or bed so that the screen with the shorter connecting lead rests under your neck and the other end screen under the base of your spine.
? Using the screens with the longer connecting lead, place your right hand on the copper screen and place the other screen under your left foot. Repeat these instructions but connect your left hand with your right foot using the remaining screens. See diagram.
? Close your eyes and relax for 20-30 minutes. The key to any Eeman Circuit session is the user’s ability to relax.
? Use Eeman Circuits once or twice a day.

The diagram shows people lying flat on the circuit with arms and legs straight, fully extended. This is not required. You can lie on the circuit in a reclining armchair or on an upright armchair with a headrest. The Eeman Circuit calls for your feet to be crossed at the ankles, but you can improvise, bending the knees and bowing them outwards, or placing the heels next to each other and touching your feet together by crossing them.

What to Expect
During your first experience, expect to relax and perhaps, fall asleep. Most first-time users doze off. Acquiring sensitivity to the Eeman Circuit effect often takes a number of sessions.

Notice Subtleties
Whatever your level of sensitivity, your experience with an Eeman Circuit will probably be subtle, perhaps very much so at first. In time, you may notice more and more positive effects.

It May Get “Worse” Before It Gets Better
Many users report that their sense of imbalance is intensified after they first lie down on an Eeman Circuit. After imbalances intensify, they then ease, and the body’s energy comes into a state of profound harmony, balance, and pleasure.

“ Waves” Of Intensity
Most users lie on the Eeman circuit for a while before noticing anything. Then, suddenly, energy sensations and deep relaxation seem to occur all at once like a wave of relaxation. Over time, the waves build up in intensity and then gradually become more subtle.

Reversed Polarity
A very small minority of the population has reversed polarity. When such people lay on the Eeman Relaxation Circuit a “tension” circuit forms. (A “tension” circuit exaggerates jitteriness and prevents relaxation. If hands and feet grow cold instead of warm, this may indicate a tension circuit.) People with reversed polarity should simply switch from one hand to the other, connecting the right hand to the head and the left hand to the base of the spine.
In the Symmetrical Circuit, reversed polarity makes no difference. Everyone can use it the same way without difficulty.
Note: Left-handers usually do not have reversed polarity.

Too Long In Circuit
Although this is rare, the Eeman Circuit effect can go “too far” when people lie in circuit for an extended period of time, causing a diminished vitality. If you fall asleep or lie on the circuit for a long time and feel groggy and “out-of-it”, reverse the screens for a very short time, and this condition will be corrected.
When getting started, it is recommended that your sessions be no longer than 30 minutes and no more than once or twice a day. See how the technology affects you initially before you do longer sessions.

Using the Circuit for Energy
The Eeman Circuit will usually leave you deeply relaxed and “mellow”. To emerge alert and energized, end your session with one or two of the following activities: take a series of deep, vigorous breaths, take a brisk walk in fresh air or stretch and exercise briefly.

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To Reap the most Amazing Health Benifits from Eemann Biocicuits,
Lay Naked in the sun while using, Incredible Recharge

Life-Energy Sensitivity
An interesting by-product of Eeman Circuits use is heightened sensitivity to life-energy. Although Eeman Circuts will induce deep relaxation even in the first-time user, they have the added advantage of sensitizing anyone to the subtle energy in our body. Energy sensitivity can be established easily with a month or less of regular daily use of your Eeman Circuit.

Taking Care of Your Eeman Circuit

Taking care of your Eeman Circuit, as described, will ensure that it last through many hundreds of uses.
To prevent shortening the life of your Eeman Circuit
1. Don’t pull the screens out from under your body by excessive force by the wire
2. Don’t tightly wrap the wires around the screens so there’s a sideways stress against the screen/wire joint
3. Take good care of it and store it away when not on use
The weakest part of the circuit is where the wire connects to the screen. If it breaks, you may be able to repair it yourself, or you can order a replacement segment.

Clearing Your Eeman Circuit
Your bioenergy leaves its subtle imprint on the device. Therefore, all Eeman Circuits need to be periodically “cleared” by laying out the Eeman Circuit in the sunshine for a half-hour on each side.

Cleaning Your Copper Eeman Circuit
Copper tarnishes easily. We suggest using a dry paper towel after each use to surface dirt. Copper polish (brass polish works also) if required.

Lending Your Eeman Circuit
With regular use, your Eeman Circuit becomes imprinted with your energy and attuned to your body. We recommend against lending your Eeman Circut to someone else. If you do loan it out, clear it twice, first before your friend uses it, and second before you use it again.

To Reap the most Amazing Health Benifits from Eemann Biocicuits,Lay Naked in the sun while using,
Incredible Recharge

The Eeman Relaxation Unit
Eeman called the above configuration his “relaxation circuit”. The relaxation circuit almost invariably produces deepening muscular relaxation, warmth and well being, often culminating in sleep, slower and stronger pulse, slower and fuller respiration. You may experience any number of other effects, such as intense movements of energy to deep sleep. This is one of the most effective circuits for inducing deep sleep and deep relaxation.
The Eeman Relaxation Circuit is a “grounding” configuration in comparison with some other configurations.
Recommended Reading
Biocircuits: Amazing new Tools for Energy Health by Leslie Pattern with Terry Pattern
We also suggest using one of the many CD available utilizing hemisphere balancing, for example Monroe Institute

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